“My family loved this cabin. My 5 kids were able to spread out and relax. My wife said she had not slept that well in years. I think we were more at home here than our home in Texas. Thanks for the memories.”



 “What a fantastic experience! I have never been so impressed. The location, the furnishings, The cabin as a whole!”



“The Woods Edge Cabin was all we wished for and more! We only wish we could have stayed longer. My traveling friends had rented vacation homes across the USA, and they said this was the best. Hope to come back soon.”



“We so enjoyed the cabin. The bed was VERY comfy. Thank you. “



“We LOVE your cabin! It is so beautifully decorated with such a homey feel. You have went out of your way to add such a personal touch and to make sure everything we needed was available. We can’t wait to return and to bring our kids back as well We had an awesome 10th Anniversary! Thank You!"



“First of all, I need to comment how precious Derek and Gretchen are. The cabin was warm and cozy, clean, and beautiful. We are looking forward to coming back this summer. Thank you both so much!”



“Thank you for a very nice place to come ‘home’ to in the evenings. The cabin fit our needs perfectly. It is in a great location and very easy to find. Everything we needed was available for us to use. It is a lovely cabin.”



“Thank you so much for such a great place to spend our evenings and down-time while in Branson. The accommodations have been excellent and have exceeded all expectations. Thanks again!!”



“Beautiful décor, great location,  comfy beds, room for our family from out of state and a wonderful thoughtful host. We loved the cabin. Thank you!”



“I’m always leery when trying a new place, but so glad my husband talked me into it! This is a very nice cabin! I love the décor and quality furniture! Most places, you don’t even want to take off your shoes and walk around in your socks, but here- it was really clean, no cobwebs, great job by the staff! The lighting is also very nice – I could go on and on! We will be back!"



"Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us. It felt like a home away from home. It is well stoked with everything we needed and comfortable and clean. Just what we were lookin for. "



"Your cabin was great. The decor was beautiful. We love the fire place. The jacuzzi was great. The beds were very comfortable. And the view was beautiful. A great way to get away from it all. Thank you."






These are actual entries in our guest books at the cabins:

Entry left from guests May 4, 2014